Welcome to En-Chant-Ment, the home of Pagan chants. Herein is my collection of music gathered over many years; most of it learned through the "folk process" at circles, gatherings, and festivals held throughout the greater Ottawa Pagan Community (and spilling out into Montreal and Toronto). On the page links below you will find lots of lyrics, chant information, and even a few sound clips in mp3 format.


Here's a pic of my friend Reece, one of the Priests in our community.

Song and Chant Pages

Chanting 101

To find out more about why chanting is done in our rituals, check out these class notes.

Main Index

Here is a chart for quick access to the chants by name and type.
You can access lyrics directly from the links provided.

Commentary on Temple Chants & Songs

Here are some notes or comments about the chants you will find on my site.

Chants: Lyrics & Sound Clips

This takes you directly to the archive of chant lyrics.

Songs: Lyrics & Sound Clips

Here you will find the lyrics to some of our favorite pagan songs.

French Chants * Chants en Francais

This is a new page of some of our favorite chants translated in french.

Filk Songs & Chants: Lyrics

Here is a small archive of silly pagan songs and chants.


Links to some of my favorite sites have moved to their own page. Find them here.

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En Chant Ment is dedicated to the memory of Wilfred Peltier (Baybomseh).

This site created December 2000. This page last updated and generally fiddled around with: March 11th, 2007.

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